I am Celal, a happily married photographic artist. I live in the UK with my beautiful wife, dividing my time between Oxford and London. I love the way these two cities are incredibly historic and traditional, yet modern and vibrant, and full of diverse thinkers with fantastic ideas.

I was born and raised in Istanbul – another incredible city where thousands of years of history can be seen on every street. I received my photography degree in the prestigious Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Istanbul is a magical place I visit as often as I can, taking inspiration from the sights and the people for projects I work on in my spare time.

When I am not occupied with London wedding photography my favourite ways to spend my leisure time include travelling and discovering new places, taking photos, and teaching photography.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy others take in my work, especially when I am showing couples their wedding photos for the first time. I am lucky enough to have remained in touch with some of my clients, and it always makes me smile they tell me they still get pleasure from looking at their wedding albums years after they wed.